Thursday, November 06, 2008

Love Wins

Love Wins - Robbie Seay Band

I'm about as non-Christian as they come so I'm always surprised when I find a song I really like that's done by a Christian group. Some music just transcends categories and labels. The Robbie Seay Band is definitely transcendant. Sure, they have their share of "come to Jesus" tunes that I avoid, but there are several others I really enjoy that leave the interpretation of faith up to the listener.

If there was ever a theme song for Barack Obama's victory speech last night, I'd have to say Love Wins from their new CD Give Yourself Away would be it. The lyrics are below so you can decide for yourself. I embedded the song above so you can listen.

Other awesome tunes by RSB are Better Days (from a prior CD), Rise, New Day, and Stay (from the new CD). You can purchase the individual tracks on iTunes or directly from the band on their MySpace page.

For those of you here in San Diego, they happen to be playing locally for FREE this Sunday. Check their web site tour page or their MySpace for details.


It’s a big world, we are hoping
For a big change, we are broken
In the fading light of a dying sun
We cry for redemption

There is hope, there is hope, there is hope
But everyone who’s lost will be coming home
And everything that hurts will be whole again
And love will be the last thing standing

Can’t stop, you can’t stop the seasons
Don’t stop, don’t stop believing
Keep on dreaming of the day when it all will change
Believe in the end, love wins
If you’re waiting for the time when your sun will shine
Oh, look above cause love wins

If it hurts you, just breathe in
When it pains you, just believe in
The radiant light of the morning sun
We can find our redemption

Love is strong, love is strong, love is strong
It's been there holding you all along
Everything thrown away will be new again
And love will be the last thing standing

There is hope, there is hope for my lonely soul
There is hope, there is hope to be made whole
There is life, there is life to be set free
There is life, there is life surrounding me

There is hope, there is hope for my broken heart
There is hope, there is hope for a brand new start
There is life, there is life give me eyes to see
There is life, there is life you have captured me

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Beautiful! I feel the same, although I am not a real proponent of the uber God music I actually like a whole lot of Christian music (My place In This World by Michael W Smith is actually one of my all time favorite songs). The lyrics of this are truly moving.

Looks like we're feeling the same way right much emotion and energy we can't help but want to write everyday! I am bursting with so much I actually played Rock Band for 4 hours last night just to burn some it off so I wouldn't implode lol.

It is just so kick ass being happy :)