Friday, January 18, 2008

Get the Funk Out

I am Bummed (yes, with a capital B). Maybe it's the weather that stays grey all day but refuses to snow (or when it does snow, it's big wet nasty flakes that just make the roads dangerous). Maybe it's because I'm tired of being cold. Maybe it's being sick with bronchitis for going on two weeks now. Maybe it's because I "did the responsible thing" and didn't go to the Mraz concert in Vermont a couple days ago (responsibility is the sucky part of being an adult) or the fact that my credit is royally screwed from bad past decisions and I can't fix it overnight. Maybe it's the fact that I can't even fucking think in this house because there is constant noise and commotion and people coming through the door and the dog freaking out, or maybe I'm just tired and cranky. It's stupid that I feel this way because good things have been happening, but I can't seem to shake this funk no matter how many times I go over the list of things I'm grateful for. I'm just not feelin it. Is that bad or just human?

Here's some of the good things:

I got my "Irony" tshirt from Blend yesterday. Jon is so good to me. These things aren't even for sale on the web site yet, but he sent me one in advance because he's cool like that.

IT finally received my new MacBook Pro at work so I traded in the Dell I've been working on and thankfully kicked Windows to the curb once again. It's awesome that I've worked in so many Apple-user offices. In fact, I think the porn company was the only non-Mac corporate outfit I've worked for (if you can call them corporate). Oops, no, the lawyers used DOS-based machines. (Yikes! How old is DOS?) Whatever the ratio is of Mac offices to Windows offices, I'm sure I've beat the statistic for someone who isn't involved with Information Technology.

Steve Jobs' keynote address at MacWorld was awesome. The new toys are all really cool. As soon as I make my first bazillion dollars I'm buying them all. I fantasize about working at HQ in Cupertino (especially since I've seen it now). Yes, I could be the poster child for Macaholics Anonymous. It's the grace in design that brings out the love. Sure, there are other products that do some things better or offer features the Mac doesn't, but do they look that awesome doing it?

I've got some travel coming up - Marie's baby shower is next week in Texas, and Mark and I are going to LA in early February. Yay.

Found new Mraz videos on YouTube tonight. Apparently he played a closed show in NYC last night. Just kill me now. I don't get to see him in Vermont, then he's right next door and I don't even know it. Well, actually I had a really weird unexplainable vibe the other day at work and I had the thought that he might be in the area, but I blew it off as logical speculation - I mean duh, he lived in NYC so he must have friends here to visit. :sigh: One of these days I'm going to start believing my intuitions and then we'll all be in trouble. The videos really shouldn't be posted because they're songs from the new cd. I wrote to the dude to let him know, but that's all I can do to help. I was sure happy to hear them though. Made my night. And hey, I don't feel quite so funky anymore.