Monday, November 08, 2010

#TeDxSD over. What ana amazing day! Jake's ukulele was the perfect close. Inspiring speakers, fantastic leaders. I am so grateful!
Eric Topol @ #TEDxSD spoke of cracking diseases thru genome mapping but what of fixing the REAL root of disease? Your thoughts!
Ever heard of a ZeoClock? It measures ur brain waves while u sleep 2 say the quality of sleep ur getting. Cant wait 2 look this up! #tedxsd
WOW! Last 2 speakers -Robert Bilder & Eric Topol were phenominal! The advances of knowing how our brains work are amazing! #tedxsd
Nika sign gone in the time it took to text. ?? Booo!
I see Nika Water has a sign up on the bar! Yay 4 sustainable water companies! Surprised TEDx is offering single use water bottles :( #tedxsd
Kurt Gray spoke about the embodiment of words & how we can become the heros we think we are. Future speaker @ LeaderShift? #tedxsd
What a great video they showed too from Andora Svitak on what "childish" really looks like & how adults can learn from children. :)
Marty Cooper spoke on Motorola, technology & humanity & actually had 1 of those original 2 pound bricks they called a cell phone in the 80s!
They ask that we not tweet during the talks but there's really no time btw either which makes it hard 2 let u know how cool this is! #tedxsd
Had lunch with a brilliant girl who designs labs for scientists. What a great profession combining right & left brain thinking! #tedxsd
Literature says TEDx is not-for-profit organized entirely by unpaid volunteers. Just like the LeaderShift conf I helped out w/ this weekend!
They're playing Peter Gabriel. Lots of networking happening. Lots of interesting ppl. Stay tuned 4 live updates thru the day. #TEDxSanDiego
Officially sitting in my seat @ #TEDxSanDiego. WAY cool! Anthology is an awesome space. Breakfast was yummy. Sipping Starbux. Ready 2 go!