Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Day

In honor of St. Party's Day, do yourself a favor and go buy some decent music to drink to:

These guys are more fun than Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan's panties have seen in a half a decade. Book them for your next party. Trust me on this. You have no idea until you've experienced it.

God save the Queen!


Last night we watched the first part (and half of the second part) of the TV mini-series John Adams. It’s pretty good but I’ve had to stop and explain some things to Katy. We’re kind of funny watching this together because despite my interest in Renaissance Faires and Colonial Williamsburg I’ve always been historically-challenged (meaning I can’t remember shit about dates and people in history). Katy remembers the facts better than I do having been in school more recently, and I can explain the psychology behind the plot points and the subtle innuendos of the dialog, so between the two of us we’re able to figure out what’s going on if we stop it every so often and explain things to each other. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Good thing neither one of us is blonde or we’d be a couch cliché.

This mini-series caused a weird dream last night though. I guess it was actually this morning between the time when the alarm first went off and when I suddenly fully remembered that it was Monday and I had to go to work, causing me to bolt out of bed like a ball shot from one of their old-fashioned cannons. I hate when that happens.

Most of my dreams are experienced from a combination of first and third person. I see the scene as if I was watching a movie, but I feel the emotions and experience the action as if it was happening to me in real time, and I know things intrinsically. If only I could figure out how to do this in waking reality, I could claim my deification. (That word looks like defecation – probably because it’s all bullshit. Hahaha)

The scene was obviously inspired by the show we were watching – it was like looking at a colonial village of cookie-cutter houses all lined up at a distance, except there were wispy pirate ships hovering above each house with billowing sails illuminated by a golden color moonlight. Each ship was anchored to a chimney by rising smoke and they all looked pretty much the same, just like the houses did. I presumed at first the smoke came from a fire below, however, upon closer inspection (by flying in? teleporting? just knowing? I have no clue) I saw that the smoke was actually coming from the people sleeping in the houses, and I understood that it was dreams which were creating the hovering luminescent vessels. I thought it was weird that everyone would have the same dream.

Somehow my thoughts connected the ships to Peter Pan and I was back outside examining them a little closer. They seemed to be covered in a flowing, dark green chiffon material, which I observed should’ve been Hollywood-creepy, but wasn’t. I thought it was some kind of seaweed. I remember thinking in the dream that it was weird of me to think of Peter Pan because it’s not often that particular Disney movie comes to mind. As soon as I focused my thoughts on Peter Pan, he appeared, swooping around the top masts of the ships, trailing light like a comet, and that’s when I woke up like I’d been hit with lightning.


Weirder than the dream is this afternoon when I went to post the link to Tartanic above, and I saw that someone new had commented on my blog (thanks Diana!). I go to check out her blog and her last entry mentions Peter Pan.

:cue Twilight Zone music: