Friday, September 07, 2007

The Whole Self

I asked the runes last night what I could expect out of my upcoming trip to the mountain house in South Carolina. I drew Sowelu which is for wholeness, life forces, and the sun's energy. Good, cuz I'm ready for a refill on all o' that.

The book says "Sowelu marks a time for recharging and regeneration right down to the cellular level," and another part reads, "practice the art of doing without doing." Well, duh. That's what I go away for. I guess I shouldn't ask questions I already know the answers to.

It also mentions letting light into some part of my life that has been secret, shut away. I have some ideas of what those parts could be, but if I babbled it all here then it wouldn't be secret and shut away anymore, now would it? Then what would I have left to shine light on besides the stars while I'm in SC? :)

Tonight I am thankful to Ralph Blum and my runes for helping me access my Id these past 20 years, even when I already knew what my higher Self would say. Thank you for sunny summer days, a rudimentary understanding of quantum physics, books and the trees that are sacrificed for my literary pleasure, and toothpaste.