Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Experience, Less Things

This is my favorite thought right now. It would appear I'm a little late (as usual) to the party of this mantra, but I'm here now nonetheless. I started purging my closets months ago and there's been a perpetual pile of craigslist- and eBay-bound junk - er, stuff - on the floor of my bedroom ever since. I can't believe how much I've sold, and I still keep finding more to add to the pile, which is why it hasn't gone away completely for so long. I want to get down to the furniture and the things I absolutely can't live without. (Unfortunately, there's still quite a bit I can't live without!) I wanted to put all the money I make on these things into a fund to go on a retreat or just travel somewhere, but so far every time I've sold stuff I've been forced to use the money for bills or food. My current paycheck is simply not covering life's expenses. The good news is things are leaving my existence to be enjoyed elsewhere and the more space I make in my life, the freer I feel. Wealth comes in many forms. I'd like my next bit of wealth to be freedom from debt tho.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Thirteenth Factor

Last night I finally remembered to look up some stuff on shapeshifting. Turns out there's not much information out there on it that I didn't already know. I found it interesting though that sometimes they call it "merging" or "the thirteenth factor." (Appropriate for today, given the date.) 13 has always been a magic number. The story about how medieval Christian priests spread rumors about it being a bad luck number so the converted pagans wouldn't use it for magick anymore is one of those things that just makes me like it more.

My strongest ability to shapeshift lies with fox medicine. I'm not talking about literally turning myself into an animal; I'm talking about applying abilities and mannerisms of certain animals to your human form. For those who don't know, fox's power is that of blending in - camouflage - and apparently I do this without even thinking. I chalk it up to being the observer personality type. I read on one web page that when you have really strong fox medicine it's hard to be noticed even when you want to be. This rang true because I can't tell you how many people jump when I come up behind them. I don't mean to be quiet, and sometimes I'm even trying to make noise knowing how often this happens, but they don't hear or see me until I say something, then they freak. It's a little annoying when you can't get attention you're actually seeking.

Fox medicine can be handy too tho. When I intend to disappear for awhile because I need time alone, I'm quite effective at it. I've had friends comment that it's like I fell off the face of the Earth. I feel a little smug when that happens. Not sure why that particular emotion. Will explore that later.

I guess it makes sense that this is the strongest characteristic from the animal world that I can use since dragonfly's story in the Sams medicine cards is also one of shapeshifting. I know these things are stories and legends, and it's not like I believe them word for word, but every story has a grain of truth in it somewhere, so you just gotta wonder what grain started some of these legends, ya know?