Monday, January 01, 2007

Ancora Imparo

Updated November 2011...

This is meant to serve as a quick background of my life for anyone new joining in the fun who is striving to understand what the hell I'm babbling about.

My name is Trayce (also spelled Traci… long story). I often describe myself as a walking dichotomy. If I sound like I'm contradicting myself, I probably am. To save you time and brain power, my reply is: Yes. It's all true.

There must be a gypsy in my mother's side of the woodpile because we managed to live all over the country when I was young. My history includes Philly, New Caanan (CT), Plano (suburb of Dallas, TX), Mesa (suburb of Phoenix, AZ), Marrieta (suburb of Atlanta, GA), and northern New Jersey (suburb of NYC… trust me on this). My father's family has always lived in West Chester, PA. Stop by sometime. I graduated high school in Texas, and I only survived one year of college before bailing out of boredom (regrettably now – be cool, stay in school!), but if they gave a degree in the School of Life, I would definitely have a PhD.

I try not to name names in my blog, but here are a few of the closer people in my life that don't mind:

I have a daughter, Kaytee (also spelled Katy… the sins of the mother and all that). We are the Gilmore Girls without the Hollywood budget. We may be 20 years apart in age, but we’re about 5 years apart in maturity. Depending on the day, she might be the older one. I’ve been a single mother Katy's whole life since her father checked out permanently when she was 6 months old. Do not try this at home. Raising a kid by yourself is MUCH harder than it appears in the mirror. Katy has her own blog here: Don't Be Fooled, I Was Raised By The Wolves. (I often ask her "Who RAISED you?!" when she does something I don't approve of.)

I met Mark online in 1996 when the internet moved at the speed of smell and monthly access was pirated from free AOL CDs. I moved cross country to hang out with him a year or so later. We moved in together in 2002. He's just one of those people that gets it. We lasted until late January 2008, when Mark asked me to move out because we found we were no longer learning things from each other and the relationship had become stagnant. As with many things, the Universe knows what its doing. We were both lollygagging on our spiritual paths and needed new challenges to advance our brains. I'm still grateful for the time we spent together and yes, we still talk (and he even comes to visit sometimes!), so he is often mentioned in my posts.

I've had jobs in a variety of industries (marketing, real estate, retail, legal, online, graphics, secretarial), but most recently I worked for a major international publisher of college textbooks. I started out as a project manager in the Science and Math division, then landed a position as a graphic designer for a different group in the company. While I was there I read enough college level textbooks to make up for the formal education I misplaced. Still no degree, but I'll bet I could tell you more about physics than the average project manager. The publishing industry is definitely where I belong. Books have been in my blood since the first word I learned to read. I probably could've retired from there if I wanted to, but once the relationship with Mark was over I couldn't stay on the East coast. It's simply not my favorite place.

In June 2008 I packed up the Best Jeep Ever and moved to San Diego. THAT was an interesting story. I had a Moment of Insanity when I got here, but then I pulled my poop in a group. It was a valuable reminder in a string of experiences proving I can roll with whatever comes my way and be confident that I'll end up right where I should be. I get myself into a lot of "how can I make this FTW?" situations because I simply want to experience everything, live everywhere, be everybody. Is that too much to strive for in one lifetime?

For the past few years I've been dating John - computer programmer extraordinaire. You will hear him mentioned in posts as well, sometimes referred to as "Boyfriend" because he is - or was - or may be again. He seems to be unable to decide, although it's quite obvious to me what he *should* be. Men are so slow, but it's okay. Sometimes I'm patient.

I also had a Roommate named Brandon who is/was a very cool dude. I swear he was sent to tether me to the ground as my head is usually found up in the clouds somewhere. He has since moved to a more northern California locale, but we keep in touch.

Words and I get along famously, although there are times when we just can't seem to get on the same page. I’ve been writing since I could rub two neurons together the right way. I started this blog because I want writing to be what pays my bills and like anything worthwhile, it takes practice. This is my place to practice. And practice. And practice.

I'm not into organized religion although I strive to comprehend the reasons other people are. My religion is simple: be kind. I am a Reiki healer and I believe energy is more tangible than people (who are not scientists or uber geeks at MIT) give it credit for. I often consult my Runes, but have never understood how to read Tarot cards. Keep it simple is all I'm saying. I love when the Universe sends me signs that I'm on the right path. Since I was little I've half-joked that I have God's home phone number… I know it's really just that I'm pretty good at hearing my higher self, but sometimes things manifest in my life so fast it leaves my eyes wide (including the third one) and my mouth hanging open. Nature will always be the most amazing magician in my eyes. I hope we never learn all her secrets for a world without wonder would be cold and boring indeed. 

I'm always open to hearing other people's opinion so feel free to write me. I expect only good things but note that I reserve the right to post your email for psychological evaluation by the masses if you're not being nice. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Practice gratitude.
Thank you for playing. :)