Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Favorite Threads

Looking for some new tees for summer?

Besides Blend Apparel, Ataraxia Designs makes some of my favorite shirts; I just wish their products were easier to find. Victor (the Designer) is very nice and responds personally (eventually) to most email. He can probably tell you where to pick up his threads locally. I found mine at a Japanese store called Toki in Palisades Mall (just across the state line in Nyack, NY). The Freedom shirt from The Thought Collection is my favorite. I can't wait for it to STAY warm so I can wear it again.

Another start-up company I like is Civilian. I love what their tags say (i.e., their tag line - hmm, is that where that expression came from?): May we all remain Civilian. Amen. They have a fantastic little brick-n-mortar store off the beaten path in Frenchtown, NJ (AWESOME little historical town - if you're close, visit!), but check in with them before you go. Their store hours read: Some Sundays; Many Tuesdays, Some early mornings and sometimes late into the evening. My kind of people! Of course you can always order online. They're a little pricey, but what organic clothing company isn't?

The "bigger boys" I like to peruse include Life is good, Green Label Clothing Co., Of the Earth, and Under the Canopy. All worthy places for your next spending adventure.

Yay for warmer weather!