Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where Eagles Fly

Every time I drive around the area I live in, I am absolutely amazed by the beauty. I can't drink it in fast enough. I am SO LUCKY to live here! And it's always changing too - it still looks new and different to me even when I take the same road. People driving behind me must think I'm drunk the way I weave to the side because I'm paying more attention to the scenery than where I'm going.

Today I found myself with the hood pointed at the sky as I climbed to a house that was right out of the movies. It was a golden stucco with iron-scrolled balconies and fences, complete with a fountain in the courtyard. It was like the Southwest meets Tuscany or something. Incredibly beautiful. And the views... OMG! Had to be worth at least a couple million, especially considering the land it was sitting on. The drive up was not the first time around here that I was grateful to have a Jeep!

I was also thankful I had my camera with me this time. The pictures are nice, but they pale in comparison to the panoramic scenery I was inhaling with every Ooooo and Ahhhh. This is like living in Eden, but with coyotes. :D


CSD Faux Finishing said...

So very beautiful! Was this on a random drive or were you headed somewhere in particualr?

draagonfly said...

I have to admit I was on one of my many forays from craigslist. I can't feel too bad tho when I keep it under $10 and another perfectly good item stays out of a landfill.

I was SO glad to have my camera with me because the guy lived in a gated community so the likelihood of getting back up there was slim. (Only five LARGE houses up there.) I hope he appreciates how lucky he is to live on that hill. He did mention it was a challenge coexisting with the coyotes and bobcats! Can't say I envy that!