Saturday, February 17, 2007

Being Productive

On my way to the airport this afternoon I was thinking about how I hadn’t really accomplished what I came down here (to SC) to do this weekend. I wanted to write chapters for my book, or at least look at the things I’ve been saving that I had written and organize them into some sort of cohesive outline so I had direction for the book. None of that happened, but I still had a great weekend doing nothing. No really, when I say I did nothing, I mostly sat around staring up at the sky (especially when the stars were out the first night) or at nothing in particular, thinking, or sometimes not thinking at all, just being.

As soon as the thought of “not accomplishing anything” came to mind, I decided I need to detach from the idea that I must be doing something in order to spend my time in a worthwhile way. Doing nothing and just being is also a good way to spend time, in fact, it is a divine way to spend time and is probably more productive than most people give it credit for.

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