Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pause for Station Identification

Well that was a helluva slump, wasn't it? Haven't posted since last November. What is this? June? Let's play catchup, shall we?

November: Thanksgiving - made my own turkey for the first time. Didn't suck. Nobody died of food poisoning. Yay for me (and them).

December: Our ficus tree did a great impression of a Christmas tree and the bf gave me a new MacBook, WHICH. IS. INCREDIBLE. I heart him so much. Why won't he marry me? Oh right. He wants a blonde, porn star trophy wife. I'm so NOT that. (I'm better, but whatever.)

January: Holy shit, I'm getting no response to my resumes and no feedback about WHY I'm getting no response to my resumes. Freelance isn't covering everything. Maybe I should give it up and write that best seller already.

February: Crap, another month has gone by and still no interviews. I am AWESOME. Why isn't anyone seeing that? Maybe I need to stay in business for myself. And sell a book. And do editing and proofreading. And dog sit. And help old ladies with cooking and cleaning. And... And... And...

March: (See February)

April: Well at least I won't be homeless.

May: Shit. I might be homeless. Time to put up a proofreading/editing site and sell the shit outta that.

June: is registered. Design is almost done. Portfolio is gathered. Just have to write the verbiage. I can't believe I still have a house, but I'm grateful the Universe is throwing income my way. Trust the process... trust the process...

Yeah, that pretty much brings it up to date. Right on the edge of OMFG, as usual.

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