Friday, January 07, 2011

The Infinite List

I know I've been more silent than I've wanted to be this past month. I really do love writing, but my brain goes so much faster than my fingers have time to catch up with. No sooner do I have a subject to write about than it's replaced by another thought and another and another, until I give up trying to get to any one of them or have any hope of following the train of thought back to its origin. I hope I'll find a method to reconcile that soon. Of course that would mean self-discipline, which is not one of my strong points either.  **SIGH!**

Regardless, Jason Mraz, as usual, has posted something on his blog that I feel strongly about - Gratitude. I love expressing gratitude whether it's out loud, in my thoughts, or written; to a person or just the Universe in general. His post inspired a list that wouldn't stop forming in my head even after I clicked the submit button the first time. I posted on his comments FOUR times. Is that bad Netiquette? Even if it's good things you're posting?

I thought the list was worth reposting here, especially since I find it so hard to slow myself down long enough to write anything of substance lately. Here's hoping to this being the start of more regularity (the first thing on HIS list, and I can only imagine all the forms of regularity he's actually implying there :D ) in posts this year. At least it's my favorite subject to kick off 2011 with. :) (Figures it would be a kind of "pirated" subject as well...)

I'm grateful for:

San Diego
Big Blue (the Pacific)
Vitamineral Green
YOU for introducing me to it [meaning Jason]
YOU again for << insert a hundred different things you've said that offered me a new way to look at things or to think about or products to try >>
My teachers
Others who have presented new perspectives to me, always keeping it fresh
Beautiful clouds and amazing sunsets
Vegetation in all its glory
Animal friends and Wildlife
Nature in general
Trees [ok, just added those last two in]
The wonders of the Cosmos
Indoor plumbing
Good Health (did I say that already?)
Omnipossibility :)
The smell of coffee
Pure potential
Meaningful play
Cafe Gratitude (FOR SURE!)
Organic cotton
Down comforters
The Stars!!!
New Experiences
Apple Computers
Messages in the sand
and all the things I don't support and agree with in the world because they allow me to define that which I DO enjoy/support/believe. :)

Of course by now I've thought of another one as well: the ability to help those with less since I have a bit more at the moment. :)

Take 90 seconds and answer the most powerful question in the world:

What are YOU grateful for?!



Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I felt the same way reading this yesterday & even said I'd be posting my own list after I got back from my aunt's yesterday but alas feeling yucky kept me from the computer. Such is life sometimes right? Now its time to pull my own list together though and post it seeing as though the inspiration for said list is now back in full swing after reading yours! Thanks :-) Your modified list is fantastic, all good things especially the add on at the end! Hope you're enjoying your year so far my friend, hope we are able to get together later this year! ♥

draagonfly said...

Glad to have inspired you again! Sorry you were feeling icky too. :( Better now I hope?

2011 is great so far, and will be even sweeter when I'm helping you guys unpack in Phoenix! WOOOOO!