Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to Speculate

What would happen if everyone could choose, individually, how much time their day consisted of? For instance: you choose 30 hours for today and your friend chooses only 10, but both of you have the perception that your days are the same length.

At some point in our lives, we've all said (or at least thought): "there's not enough time in a day..." or "I wish I had more time..." or "what I would give for just another hour to get this done..."

Well what if you really could have all the time you wanted before bedtime? What if you could stretch or shorten your day as much as you wish? Would you ever sleep again? Would you ever wake up? Would it be like the Twin Paradox where you've only aged a day but everyone else aged years or decades?

Just a fun thing to think about. I'm sure there's an episode of Twilight Zone or something out there with this idea. Or perhaps this is already how it is and that's why some people are more productive in their days than others!


CSD Faux Finishing said...

I just read about my bloggy friend Anna's daughter who works full time, raises a brood of kids and is now raising chickens (in addition to all of that other 'have to do it' life crap of course). My brain almost exploded at the thought of what that woman can accomplish in a day and my own schedule seemed very slim. But then I got back to the business of my own & thought, damn I wish the day was longer.

Never would I not sleep, I love sleeping way too much to ever give any of that up!

draagonfly said...

I love sleeping too so I don't think I'd WANT to give it up either, but it may happen by default just because of my habit of trying to squeeze in "just one more thing..."

I am also amazed at what some people can get done in a day. Once in awhile I have a day like that when the scheduling just goes perfectly, but not too often! I'm still not sure how Katy got raised in between all the other stuff I had to do! lol

JeanEMcC said...

Kids end up raising themselves... you know that personally, my dear daughter!