Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'd Like To Scream Now Please

Have you ever felt the pull between doing what you *think* you must do and what you *feel* you want to do? How do you decide what is the RIGHT thing to do??

Right now I have three different blogs (was only two until about 10 seconds ago, then a friend emailed me an article on brain imaging that is creating more content in my head!) that I really really want to write because they'll be interesting (all science-y and stuff!) and that's what I feel I really WANT to do today.

However, I only have 9 weeks left on unemployment and if I don't find a job that will bring in enough income to pay my bills soon, I could be writing blogs from a tent in the park, hoping to have enough gas to get to a Starbucks to upload them on free wi-fi. Therefore what I *should* be doing is getting dressed and going out to hand people my resume and try to impress someone.

But what I'd really LIKE to make a living at is writing! Hence, I should write, right? But writing is not paying my bills at the moment.

Insert scream here.


Unknown said...

You know that the Universe will not let you down. Anything you want can be yours at any time right? Keep the positive thoughts rolling, it will happen for you girl!

draagonfly said...

Oh yes, I've reminded myself of this many many times. Some days I feel it, some days I don't. :)