Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Engineering Genius

Email conversation today with my genius (seriously high IQ, no kidding) engineer boyfriend...

(Sends me this picture from his iPhone):

Genius Boyfriend: Old one broke do I use new one on right or replace nozzle on old one?

Me (missing the fact that he said it was broke): Actually I like the original one better (on the left). Cleaner lines. More modern like the rest of downstairs.

Genius Boyfriend: I thought so since mom likes the new. I like the original better too.

Me: The second one isn't bad, but there was nothing wrong with the original. Why not put the second one in her bathroom since she likes it? Perhaps if you decide to re-do that bath you can use the soap thingy as the inspiration for what goes in there next. :)

Genius Boyfriend: I will do that. I tried to switch the broken top, and the second one is a different color.

Me (finally catching a clue): The top is broken? What happened?

Genius Boyfriend: It just doesnt squirt anymore.

Me: Have you tried filling the bottle?

(Long pause.)

Genius Boyfriend: filled the bottle. works now.


CSD Faux Finishing said...

Oh yes, this is perfect...

The good news is he now has the inspiration for a bathroom remodel right? Classic.

Kristy said...

Oh I can't WAIT to meet him...he will fit in so well with this family!

Gina said...

That is seriously funny. Thanks for sharing it.