Saturday, October 24, 2009

Top Ten Clues You Are Over 40

1. You are no longer faking your inability to open a jar just to win points by making The Man feel all manly.

2. The Man actually IS a man, not just a Guy.

3. You feel like a pedophile when you receive Abercrombie's email ads with the hairless, naked boy-chest plastered across your screen. You also wonder if it's wrong to still like/wear their clothes.

4. You go to a concert and wish the kids around you would shut up and listen already.

5. You think of other concert-goers as "kids."

6. You cheat on the eye exam at DMV by casually walking up to the eye chart while waiting for your number to be called and memorizing the letters. (And think how lucky you are that you can remember that many letters!)

7. Retail clerks call you "M'am" instead of "Miss" to get your attention. You, of course, ignore them unless they walk over and get in your face because there is NO WAY "M'am" could be referring to you.

8. No one cards you anymore for anything, even if the sign says they card everyone under 80.

9. You receive a blank stare from the Starbucks barista when you make a joke about the Reagan Administration.

10. You no longer leave your clothes in piles on the floor - one for clean and one for dirty... oh wait...

(Yes, I wrote those. And no, leaving piles of clothes on the floor is not me. That would be the bf.)


Candz said...

Ohhhh, you are so right: being called "ma'am" IS devastating! EVERY TIME. I agree, it's best to ignore it and hope it goes away. :)

Kristy said...

Speaking of the barista...a few months ago I was in a Staples and the magnetic strip on my card wasn't working - so the girl had to use the swipe machine with the good old carbon paper. Let's just say I (the 28 year old) had to teach the teenie-bopper what to do. Even I felt old. So no fear - it's all relative! :)

draagonfly said...

Ahhh yes, the days of carbon paper! That makes me think of the story about the girl whose keyless entry for her car wasn't working so she called a locksmith. The locksmith came and took the key to the car, put it in the door and opened it up. :)