Friday, March 27, 2009

Do Not Bet An Expert

My friend John made the mistake of betting me about a Jason Mraz song just now. Those of you who know me, or who are true Mraz fans, will immediately see the folly in this and are already laughing.

Because "geek" does not begin to cover us (a pun for my fellow fans :), John has my entire iTunes library to listen to. The songs were on shuffle and to tease me, he sends me an IM saying Mraz came up and how lame the song was. I asked what song. He says, “America.” I said there is no Mraz song called America.

“WANNA BET? WANNA BET?” I can practically see him dancing around the other side of the Web.

Oh foolish boy.

“Ok, fine. I bet you there is no Mraz song called America.”

What he wants if he wins is ridiculous, but I agree to it because I know he doesn't have a prayer. I admit he usually wins our bets, often on technicalities, but not this time PAL.

He says it is listed in my iTunes under Live @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 2-16-2004.

I launch Apple's God-like Database for Music and filter Mraz Shepherd’s Bush. There is a track called America. I play it.

First of all, I know right away it is not Jason’s voice that starts the singing (although hearing anything over the crowd is a challenge). So I look up the show on It is Gary Jules, who played the venue with Jason that night. Jason does eventually throw in a verse and harmony on the chorus, so technically he is singing the song, but this does not make it HIS song, which is what John was claiming.

Second, I look up what lyrics I can make out (thank GOD for Google!) and find the song was originally written and performed by Paul Simon.

HA. Victory is sweet.

John never made me define what I wanted if I won because he was so sure I was wrong. So now… hmmm… what do I want? Mraz will be playing Vegas in May... am I that cruel? :D


wylde otse said...

bet you, i'll never bet you :o)

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Be that cruel. Abso-freaking-lutely lol. And make it the special midnight solo show.