Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music to my Ears

I admit I’ve gotten completely distracted and off track from work today listening to new music on MySpace. One click leads to another… and another… and another… and all these people ROCK and suddenly it’s two hours later and I've done nothing but fill my head with awesomeness. Which would be great if I could get my electric and internet connection for a song. Who knew there was so much hidden music talent in San Diego? Why aren’t these people all selling out arenas yet (well, besides Jason Mraz)?

This started because I’ve been really diggin’ Dawn Mitschele’s voice these past several days. I first checked her out after seeing Bushwalla’s new music video for Mayhem is Beautiful. I knew Bushwalla from listening to Mraz of course. Funny how it's all connected, yeah?

From Dawn’s MySpace page, I clicked on Jason Ford’s profile by happy accident and found a song called Mi Lelolai A Mi Yaweh. Go ahead and try that out loud.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Somehow they actually sing it – fast! – in the song and it’s very melodic. Those 13 plays recorded on MySpace for it today? Half was probably me. :D

I noticed Ford’s page says his record label is StepsTone, and I thought that was a pretty clever name. They have a MySpace page too, and from there I found the link to their web site, and a list of the people who have recorded with them (“Clients” on the bottom menu – no direct link, sorry!), complete with song samples. How awesome! This is how the two hours starts slipping away.

Seems StepsTone has a knack for picking people I’d like to hear more of. Perhaps they just never agree to record with a crappy artist? I dunno. They certainly seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to talent. Or perhaps they just pick the best to showcase on their site. My friend, Jason Demetri, has a recording studio in Austin, TX called Music Lane and I know just from a business perspective you don’t turn away anyone offering you money to use your studio unless you have a bigger better offer (like Sheryl Crow – woohoo! Go Jason!). So surely they’ve had their share of "ehhh" artists? Well anyway…

Your ears deserve to be graced by the following:

Kyle Phelan:

Cameron Russell:

John Hull:

Martin Storrow (if you lean towards a more country persuasion):

Just to bring things full circle, when I was looking up the link to Music Lane's client list, who do I find but BOB SCHNEIDER. Holy cow it's a small world. I'm surprised Bob's not holding it up to the camera.

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Almost all of my music reviews have come from Myspace discoveries. I love to listen to new bands! When these faux jobs wrap up I have about 10 more articles to write & submit. Other people you might like are linked to me.

Check out:
The Real Matt Jones (fucking amazing - listen to Maybe It Was Me)

The Grownup Noise (Vampire Love Song rocks, these are the guys I interviewed for the veggie van conversion so it was a great side bonus to become a music "groupie" too lol)

Emily Elbert (If you're into gal singers she is only 18 with such amazing soul blusey voice. I Feel Fine)

J Minus (Everything We Need is killer)

I will be checking out all of these bands too a little later today thanks :)