Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Suck It Up

A friend sent me this picture recently just because it was really cool. I dunno if it's a real thing or a good Photoshop job, but I had to share because it's so clever. It's the simple things that make me smile. (You'll probably have to look at the big picture to understand. I mean for the pic below, too. :)

In other coolness...

My purse has become a repository of paper pieces because I see bits of things I want to post all the time, so I write them down but then my day ends before I know it. So here are some of those scraps of thought from the bottom of my bag:

My Chinese fortune cookie the other night told me:

"Your heart will always make itself known through your words."

I hope so. :)

Part of the tag from one of my tees from ataraxiadesigns.com says:

Interpretation of the conceptual is as fundamental to the human experience as is our communication through language. Throughout the history of mankind language has created itself in many forms to symbolically represent that which we hope to express. It is always a process of unfolding... one thought after another.

...just as I unfold the language on my shirt so I can wear it. :)

Call me a lexiphile (yes, I know the word is actually logophile, but I like my word better) but I have a word-a-day calendar called Forgotten English and I saved this one from March 24:

chronogram - one of the simplest devices of the word-juggler, and as old as the Romans. It consists in selecting certain letters indicating a date from a name or an inscription on a tomb, an arch, or a medal, printing them larger than the others, and obtaining thereby a date which is regarded as an augury. In some chronograms only the initial letters are counted as forming the solutions to the puzzle, but in others all the characters used for Roman numerals are taken into account. History supplies many first-rate chronograms. In fact it was once the custom to strike medals with chronogramic sentences in which the date of the occasion commemorated was set forth by the letters selected. (Henry Reddall's Fact, Fancy, and Fable, 1889)

Death of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603)
Reddall included this example of a chronogram for Elizabeth:
"My Day Is Closed In Immortality. This is a 'perfect' chronogram because initials only are used to make up the date, [MDCIII] 1603."

Get it? Ok, my brain hurts now too. "Word-juggler" made me think of Mraz. Ha!

One more... My calendar at work has very nice verbage to go with the pictures each month. I thought it was very appropriate that this is what's on there for May:

We invent our surroundings to experience their inner nature and implications, to be empowered in ways not otherwise possible.

Intention begets change. Emotion empowers. Qi energizes and manifests our material realm.

Intention to wholeness invites in everything. Empty a space - more and more - until it is full and overflowing with the emptiness of immanence.

I would love for my surroundings to be overflowing with emptiness right about now. Moving always begets the question, how did I ever think I didn't have enough money? No one that poor has this much stuff!

The end of May is rushing up to meet me and I barely have anything packed, and still no truck lined up for California, but it's all good. Focus hasn't been my strong point here in the East, but somehow everything manages to get done. Do without doing, as the runes say.

It's only a Tuesday after all. I've only missed one thing so far.

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Unknown said...

I had to read the chronogram/QE bit like 3 times before I understood how that worked. Apparently I am slow on a Wednesday lol. Never heard of that before but it is an interesting application of letters becoming numbers.

Great photo of the yoga like person on the straw! That will make me smile all day :~)

how did I ever think I didn't have enough money? No one that poor has this much stuff

Amen sista! That is why I am getting rid of as much as possible right now. Someone else surely can put good use to all the things I have been carrying around for no good reason all these years. I just do not need this much stuff!

OK go get packing lol!

~ Jenn