Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winter Night at Pic du Midi

How incredible is this picture? It looks like something out of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. This is a real observatory though, it actually exists. Mark this on my list of places to see before I die.


CSD Faux Finishing said...

Holy crap that is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen, night sky really does it for me...actually I am fascinated with the sky no matter day or night. Probably because it is a "world" so under-explored. If I didn't read the description I was going to ask how do you even GET there because it looked so secluded. Who would know a ski resort is just moments away. Enjoy your visit when you go :)

Andrea said...

WOW! I want to got there!

themouthofmma said...

What I want to know is how the dents got on that big conical metal piece in the forefront of the picture? =]