Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Quirk of the Network

This morning I woke up about 10am. I lay there thinking for awhile – or rather, trying not to think and not succeeding - then I woke up again at 11:30. Then “I” had a two-hour board meeting with Ego since meditating was putting me to sleep. Is being entertained by your own thoughts for literally hours at a time normal?

Ego aired all its grievances, protests, arguments, and drama in the matter of Me vs. The Recent Past, and “I” listened intently, but the only response “I” could come up with to each diatribe was a big fat “WHATEVER.” When Ego finally ran out of things to bitch about, “I” asked, “Are we done now?” And I think we are.

Perspective is so valuable but easily lost in the pockets of our brain. Sometimes I wonder if Ego even steals it and hides it on purpose.

After that I picked up the Tolle book (New Earth) that I still haven’t finished (it’s taking me months to read because I keep reading other things in between) and damn if the next three chapters weren’t all about exactly what I just did. Well it’s always nice to have validation.

As Jason suggested to the audience last night, we spend too much time in our minds. I know it's true, I even knew it the past few days, but sometimes it's hard to step outside your own drama. Like looking for the doorknob in the dark. I will stop worrying about being cool and just go have fun.

So, um… moving on…

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Is being entertained by your own thoughts for literally hours at a time normal?

I sure as fuck hope so. Being unconventionally employed makes this seem to rear its head more so. There are many weeks that I work alone from home for days in a row and I find that it is hard to pull myself out of my head when Matt gets home. Even weeks when I am pouncing glaze it is usually working solo so there go the thoughts again and seriously no one should ever know what those are. Makes for great writing though when I can reign it in and focus it onto the paper :)

Glad you had fun at the show, after reading the blog I missed until today about Mark & your friend it sounds like that was just what you needed to release a little bit. As is typical, Jason was right in line with where your brain was at. Does he have the grace of Fred Astaire? He strikes me as more of a Michael Jackson breakdancer type. Guess generational differences between Fred's era and now make that pretty much the same thing huh? ;)

I sent your package out this afternoon, it had to go Priority so you should have it in 2 or so days :)