Monday, August 11, 2008

Every Little Thing's Gonna Be Alright

Check this out - I bought this hibiscus at Home Depot when I first moved into the condo. It was in the 50% off section because it was half dead. Yes, I'm that much of a sucker for a rescue - even my plants are hardship cases! I've always wanted a hibiscus because I think the flowers are so beautiful. They make me think of Hawaii (even tho I haven't been there yet) and peaceful, happy people, and all the good things in the world. They attract hummingbirds too, and we have a lot of those around here. (Hummingbirds represent joy to the Native Americans.) I couldn't afford the full grown patio tree kind, but this one was only a few bucks and I figured, hey, they grow, right?

I gave it an elegant new pot and it's been living on the patio, just on the other side of the wall from Wilbur's cage. I haven't been out there to water the plants all weekend because of taking care of Wil, and pet sitting for a family in Vista. So today I go out there to give everyone a drink and there's this big beautiful bloom on my hibiscus!

I like to think this is Mother Nature's way of sending condolence flowers. It definitely made me smile and feel a bit better.


Unknown said...

Yes definitely! Wilbur helped with the huge pink bloom like "look mama, this is for you from me" :) So pretty.

Good friends we have, good friends we've lost. Along the way. in this great future you can't forget your past. So dry your tears I say.

Keep your chin up :)

draagonfly said...

Haha - keep your chin up! Great pun. :) The other three are doing fine, although Hopi's eye still worries me a bit. It's not life threatening tho.

Doncha know that big bloom is already closed up and drying out too. I thought it only closed up for the night (obviously I don't know much about horticulture), but it didn't open again this morning. Just confirms what I was thinking. Nature certainly has a voice if we learn how to listen.