Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Betwixt and Between

Have I used that title before? It's one of my favoritest phrases.

I swear I haven't fallen off the side of the Earth. There have been so many things I wanted to write about but writing eats up hours of my time because I'm a perfectionist, and much as I love communicating with whomever is reading and my Higher Self, I'm still unpacking and sorting, trying to get 8 hours of work in every day, and running all the errands that come with fitting yourself into a new place in a new life in a new city. I make a LOT of U-turns, but fortunately they're allowed at just about any intersection in San Diego. Another couple days, then I'll be settled and I can give a real update.

Real quick though (because I'm a writer and this is what happens when I start!): I ended up in the condo in Bonsall. It was my second choice, but thoughts of the Escondido house faded fast when I realized this is definitely where I was meant to be. I'm not disappointed. The location rocks and when I think about it, I got everything in this place that I asked the Universe for down to the details (except central A/C and heat - and in fairness I didn't specifically ask for that, I kind of assumed, so I guess that's a cosmic joke on me). It's a little further out, but not too far. It's so QUIET at night (not even bug sounds!) but that's okay. I take any excuse to drive around because the geography is AMAZING in this area. I can't wait to post pictures.

The first week when I moved in the weather was much like Hell (read: Phoenix), but then the Universe relented and it's been everything San Diego is known for since. I actually have to put on a sweatshirt at night. It's JULY people! A sweatshirt in JULY. I'm not complaining! I'm just amazed! It's warm during the day. Last week it was so perfect (highs of mid-70s all week) that I never turned on the A/C units, but this week has been at 80° in the afternoon, and the chinnies get uncomfortable so I turn one on for them.

Ok, if I don't stop here I'll write for hours then be mad because I'll be working until 5am again tomorrow. Soon though, I swear. I have so much to tell. It's piling up in my head. I'm gonna have to start wearing hats to hold it together.

Until then...

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CSD Faux Finishing said...

Good to see the "scary factor" is wearing away and you are settling in :) Nice to hear that work is going well too! Katy must be on her way soon...??? Keep those photos of the beaches coming, love to see the beauty in SoCal :)