Friday, April 25, 2008

Into My Cups

Dear King of Cups,

In the last few weeks I’ve had a strange urge to seek out a tarot reading. Tarot has never been my favorite medium because I find it complicated. Runes and medicine cards are more dependably simple, as All answers should be.

In my rush towards the future, I’ve passed places offering satisfaction to my wondering mind, the neon catching my gaze as it flashed by. Time has just not presented the right Now to indulge my desires.

Then the other day I was given a box of tarot cards out of the Blue. The Universe is persistent. The stack is charmingly vintage, circa 1965, labeled Zolar’s Astrological Tarot Game. Well it is all just a game we play, isn’t it. Everyone wins, even when the prize is Experience.

Not knowing how to read my gift, or even sure I was playing with a full deck, I chose one, blind to all but my third eye observing a parade of thoughts I’ve whispered to the stars.

The card I drew resembled you.


CSD Faux Finishing said...

Woah, someone is getting married? He sounds like a pretty decent fellow to hook up with so this could be a good thing :~) Water signs rule!!

I started getting into tarot years ago but never picked it up in a real way, I was more into dreams and astrology and have studied both in a more in depth way than just reading my horoscope everyday. Let me know when you read through the deck & get into it, I am curious to know more! Matt actually made me a set of runes from wood many years ago & I still have them but have no idea what to do with them lol! Again, someday I will read the books on my shelf!

Speaking of dreams...last night was even stranger than the one I posted on Jason's blog. I am on the phone, Matt chases after me across a gravel parking lot to take over the call (Don't know who it is). We get inside this building that looks like a submarine but painted white & has HUGE doors that are locked & closed. I see a van arrive with chained prisoners (they are wearing white which I find strange). Guards lock down the building with us in it but we are outside talking to them about how we can get out before they release the prisoners because I just feel it is bad. They say just leave so we end up with another couple (Don't know who) running full speed down all these sets of metal stairs. We think we are at the door to outside & end up trapped in a small basement room. I wake up.

Diana said...

Tarot is a great way to get to know yourself. It's fun to get into the symbolism and how it might apply to your life.

I posted about my observations on the major arcana a while back. Have a peek. It might inspire you to start your own discovery of what the tarot can bring to your journey.
(it's a 3-parter, start at Part 1)
Have fun!

draagonfly said...

haha Very funny Jenn! I think I'm the Least Likely to Get Married Ever if there were such a title on the planet. And wow, talk about wild dreams!

On runes: you could make up your own explanations for each rune and I'm sure it'd come out fine since any oracle is really just a tool to get in touch with your higher self anyway, but I like Ralph Blum's explanations best. Usually his books come with a set of runes, but you could probably find one on Amazon or eBay that's just the book by itself for cheap!

Diana - thanks again for your advice! I will definitely check out your series of blogs on tarot. :)