Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hey Baby, What's Yer Sign?

Diana at Silly Buddha posted a Spiritual Meme the other day. I thought they were cool questions, so here are my answers:

Astrological Sign?
Capricorn (I don't know which moon or ruling planets or anything)

Chinese Astrological Sign?
Monkey (And doncha know I don't like monkeys at all! They kinda scare me!)

What are you currently setting your intention on or praying for?
Setting my intention on moving to San Diego in June.

Who do you pray to?
Love, which I sometimes refer to as The Gods, or The Stars, or My Self, or half a dozen other things depending on the day.

Do you believe God created humans or humans evolved from primordial goo?
Both, and then some. Physically our present shape and form may have evolved from something that crawled out of the ocean, but spiritually I think our souls came from a Source we can't quite comprehend with our Darwinian brains. I like to imagine that we are made of star dust though. Technically, we are actually made of the same base elements. :)

What is your mantra?
Unfortunately I realize it's "I can't afford that." It's been a slow process to stay aware and change it, but I'm working on making it "Everything is already ok." (Thank you j|o|n!)

Do you believe in Sin?
Yes, when you spill coffee, that is a sin. Seriously tho, no, I don't think there's any such thing as "right" or "wrong", just what is. It's the human reaction to "What Is" that defines sin, or the lack of it.

Do you believe in Evil?
I believe we live in a bi-polar world and in order for us to be able to define something as "good," there must be something to compare it against which would be defined as the opposite, and some people may call that "evil."

What do you do when you see 11:11?
I close my eyes and send my happiest thought to the stars.

Do you believe in Angels?
Yes. They may not be called that in the plane they exist on, but I guess that's as good a label as any for us Earth folk to give them.

Do you believe in God? If so, what does God look like to you?
Yes, I believe in God, but I only call it that for lack of a better word. God looks like a clear night sky on a New Moon when you're laying in the warm grass holding hands with your best friend on a hill away from all light pollution.

Is there an aspect of your religion/belief that you haven't made up your mind about?
Yes. I haven't decided what happens immediately after your physical death; that brief moment after spirit separates from physical, but before it melts back into the Whole.

Is there a religion that you don't follow, but deeply respect or admire?
I can't say I have a lot of respect for any organization that bottles and labels spirituality. To me, the word religion has a sour taste because it implies there is an organized, step-by-step process to a destination called "enlightenment," it usually involves a middle man, and religions breed fundamentalists that think their way is the only way that can possibly be correct. I think enlightenment is more of a learning process or a journey, you must travel your path yourself, and there are as many paths as there are beings. However, there are many practices of the more peaceful religions like Buddhism or Hinduism that I admire, and of course, I recognize that religion has "saved" many people in a good way.

Who has inspired you the most on your spiritual path?
I think everyone you come in contact with contributes to your spiritual path, whether it's a close friend, family member, or a homeless person on the street. The person I've considered most like a mentor is my aunt, who is a healer in New Mexico.

In your opinion, what is the worst mistake we make, as a species?
Overpopulating the planet.

What is something you would like to believe, but don't?
Our government.

Do you believe in soul mates?
As Disneyfied as I am, I can't say I believe in the romantic concept of each person having only one soul mate. I believe there are people that have the potential to be more in sync with each other because their paths follow close parallels, and who they are individually during the time they're together resonates easily with their partner's beliefs and thinking patterns. For some, their paths may travel beside each other their entire life spans; for others, it may be briefer so perhaps those people find several soul mates in a lifetime. So I guess I do believe in soul mates, but not the traditional definition.

Reincarnation or heaven?
Reincarnation - I'm coming back as Jason Mraz's cat.

Best "ah ha!" moment/epiphany?
Damn... I'll have to really think about that. There are so many. Answer to come in another blog.

Required spiritual reading?
Conversations With God, Book 1 (only), by Neale Donald Walsh. Books 2 & 3 he kind of repeated himself ad infinitum, then he just plain sold out. :( But that doesn't diminish how powerful his first book was for me. Also, The Red Book by Sera Beak for those just beginning their spiritual path or women searching for some personal empowerment. Anything by SARK is also totally fun.

If you could pick, in your final moments, what would your last words be?
...And they all lived happily ever after.

Advice for a lost soul?
Take a step in any direction because even if it's the wrong direction, at least then you'll know which way NOT to go and you can turn around. Otherwise it's second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning. :)

A song that encapsulates your beliefs?
Just ONE? Are you kidding? There's a whole soundtrack to my life! Here's the first four that come to mind:

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt
Change Your Mind by Sister Hazel
True To Myself by Ziggy Marley

Edit to add: Shit, was I supposed to say "Tag, you're it" or something at the end so other people would keep this going? As usual, I'm clueless. I'm just here to write, man. LOL


Diana said...

Loved the visual of god you described. Beautiful, and so true!

CSD Faux Finishing said...

OK what is the deal with 11:11? 11 has been my favorite # since I was about seven years old but never knew it had any astrological association. Plus I love when I see 11:11 on a clock for the mere fact it is my favorite #. What gives?

Good choice on the animal to come back as :)

Oh and I just definitely decided we must be soul mates in some type of sense of the word...NO ONE else I know has heard of Sister Hazel & that (along with Champagne High) is my favorite song of theirs. I love to sing it out loud in the car cranked as loud as it will go :) It (along with Freedom by Melissa Ferrick) was one of the songs I played about a million times on repeat the day I moved into my first place all by myself just after getting out of a very bad situation and deciding I needed to shift my thinking to find what it was I was really looking for.

Have to check that site out!

draagonfly said...

Thank you Diana! And thanks for all the thought-provoking questions!

Jenn: 11 is Katy's favorite number too, and has played a large part in her life. Do a search for "number eleven numerology" on Google and read some of the stuff that comes up. Very interesting!

I LOVE Sister Hazel. They were somewhat big out in Phoenix when I lived there in the 90s, but I agree most people don't seem to know who they are. The people that do are very cool people tho! :) We'll have to set up a good playlist for the trip to PA next week. :)

CSD Faux Finishing said...

We'll have to set up a good playlist for the trip to PA next week

Yes we will :)

I'm off to google #11 references now!