Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That's Snow Honeycomb

I took this picture awhile ago when we got snow. I thought it made the coolest pattern on our back patio - it's never done that before. Unfortunately Jazz walked through it on her way out to pee, but her paw prints just add to the artwork I guess.

"I still wish on them stars above..."

I so wish I had a camera that could've captured the lunar eclipse tonight. It was AWESOME and for once our sky was totally clear. Truly an amazing night to look out from our respective places on Our Rock.

Edit to add: Click here for a fantastic picture of the eclipse from Astronomy Picture of the Day. I knew they wouldn't let me down!

Figuring there is some powerful energy going on tonight, I sat and wrote down my intentions for the next year next to my thank yous. As my mother always said: Decide, Define, Do.

Of course, you have to be careful what you wish for. When I moved into this new job as graphic designer last November they told me I should have an office with a door, but that there weren't enough in our area so I would have to wait until we moved. (They're shuffling everyone in our building right now because they closed branch offices and are moving people into headquarters.)

No problem. I waited. I thought about it. I was excited. I decided I was going to manifest it a little sooner (especially since it's rather loud where I sit now and sometimes hard to think).

We were recently shown the floor plan for the new area we're moving to and I found out I still don't get an office with a door. Not sure why, but whatever. I was disappointed, but only because I've never had an office with a door and I guess somewhere in the recesses of my mind I still attach some self worth to that even though I know better.

So I went upstairs yesterday to say hi to some of the people I used to work with as a project manager. The Powers That Be had reconfigured the row where my former cubicle was (and only that row - nothing else). Guess what? My old office now has a door. What else can I do but laugh? It was a good Cosmic Joke. :D


themouthofmma said...

That snow picture looks like a beehive. Very cool.

Unknown said...

Great photo! The eclipse was killer here too. I said to Matt I wish I had a night vision camera for the same reason. Didn't the moon look like a marble in the sky or something?

Irony is one of my favorite things to experience, there is really nothing to do but laugh right? I am also a freak because I love deja vu...