Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go With What Works

Things that are working in my life:

  1. The Camaro has started up 7 times out of 10 on its own, and it hasn't fainted anywhere inconvenient.
  2. The Jeep is happy to jump the Camaro anytime (and it's gotten more action than usual the last couple weeks).
  3. My ticket for trespassing was dismissed provided I don't show up in Staten Island court again in the next six months. (I don't plan to even set foot on Staten Island again, EVER, so no problem there.)
  4. The lawsuit from the week before turned out to be mistaken identity and was also dismissed.
  5. The weather has been awesome.
  6. I found one of the four elusive files I needed for my current project at work.
  7. I've had lots of blog ideas if I could find time to write them down.
  8. No worries in the lunar-y cycle. The full moon was amazing last night too.
  9. We get paid tomorrow and I'm not quite broke today.
  10. All four eyes are working just fine.*

*2 eyes in my head + my Third Eye + hindsight = 4 eyes

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