Friday, August 10, 2007

All Over The Bored

I've been a writer all my life, but I have yet to make it my livelihood. I have journals buried in my closet from the days when Harriet the Spy and Nancy Drew (NOT the sickly saccharin "Look! A secret passage!" Thank-You-Captain-Obvious 2007 version) were my heroes, and I had all day to commit my every thought to ink and paper. There have also been many pregnant pauses in my communication with Self, but I've never lost the urge completely to write my thoughts down. It's hard now to find time to write out all the interesting things that inhabit my neurospace, and I lament missing many trains of thought; but the advent of computers has helped, the small plain paper notebook in my purse has helped, and recently I've determined it's time to get serious about making this into a career. I want to be paid to write, and I want people to get something from what they read.

The trouble comes with deciding which of my musings would actually provide some insight for others, and which are ideas only I am amused with. My solution: I'm putting together a real blog, on its own domain and everything. I'm following my shopping philosophy; if you can't decide which to buy, buy both and worry about returns later. I'm throwing everything up there and see what sticks. It'll be a couple weeks for me to get it together graphically, but I've already got the domain and I think this will be good. And at this point any step towards writing for a living is one step closer than I was yesterday.

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